The Cooper School Daily

Greek Game Center!


This week students took the time to create interactive Greek board games for our Greek Game Center. First, they made a list of several Greek gods and goddesses and what lessons their myths taught. Alone or with a partner, the next step was to create a board game based on some aspect of Greek Mythology. This could be a game about the Greeks’ concept of the Underworld, the twelve labors of Hercules, or even the major gods and goddesses. Students drew a game board and decided whether to roll a dice or have playing cards, or both. Finally, they decided what the game pieces would be and then made them. Ask your child about the game they participated in and made from scratch!


It’s All In The Name!

Fourth Graders partook in a second lively Greek themed activity for Center time. Our Writing Center focused on the Greek alphabet, which was the first to have distinct letter and symbols to denote vowels and consonants.  These letters are still used today in the Greek language, and names of honor societies. Students used the Greek Alphabet key to write out their names. Ask your child about their experience in the Greek Writing Center!


Pushing Our Thinking!


Fourth Graders pushed their writing skills to new heights as they learned how to incorporate impactful phrases into their writing pieces. A few ways in which they achieved this goal, included working in pairs and practicing meaningful phrases such as, “this is giving me the idea that..” and, “another example of this is…”. Students were then able to apply this key knowledge into their writing assignments. Fourth Graders were excited to see the results of their hard work. Ask your child about their essay idea!

Important Dates:

Thursday, 10/25 – Grade 4 Parent Morning Meeting

Wednesday, 10/31 Halloween Carnival – 11:30 Dismissal