The Cooper School Daily

Charades For Days!

Remember the feeling of exhilaration while playing charades? Well, our Fourth Graders could hardly wait to jump into charades, this week. They are becoming experts at acting out their vocabulary words. Anticipation filled the classroom as students took turns coming up with creative movements. Charades is a great way for students to channel their energy, while learning their new vocabulary words. Students were encouraged to work together or independently and think of actions that will convey the meaning of the words. Doing an action that corresponds to a word is a great mnemonic tool. Students can continue their review of the vocabulary words at home by drawing two other ways they would act out the words. Ask your child to act out one of this week’s vocabulary words for you!



It’s Time For A Diwali Celebration!



Diwali is a Hindu festival of lights, which is celebrated over five days and occurs every autumn in the northern hemisphere. Fourth Graders had the opportunity to take part in this tradition when Veda and her mother, Mosmi, planned a festive Diwali afternoon for 4th Grade. In order for students to grasp the history of Diwali, Mosmi shared the story behind the traditions. We then broke into groups. One group worked on creating colored sand mandalas (“rangolis”) on the sidewalk, while the other group of students painted little earthen clay pots (“divas”) on the picnic tables. Our class relished in the experience. Ask your child to reminisce about their Diwali celebration.


Join Us On The Carpet For The Red Pyramid!

Students gather around the carpet everyday, to listen to The Red Pyramid book, which was selected as a 4th Grade read aloud. This is a special time for students to come together and listen to literature, which is related to a unit of study. We are currently digging deep into the history of Ancient Civilizations and this fantasy fiction piece about the Rosetta Stone goes along perfectly with this theme. Reading aloud creates a classroom community, which fosters critical thinking skills and encourages listeners to construct new ideas. Ask your child who their favorite character is and how the book relates to the Ancient Civilizations we have been studying.


Important Dates:

Monday-Tuesday, 11/12-11/13 Conferences- 11:30 Dismissal

Wednesday, 11/14 Mythology Presentation- 8:00 am

Friday, 11/16 Picture Day

Tuesday, 11/20 ½ Day- Harvest Fest

Wednesday, 11/21-11/23-Thanksgiving Break