The Cooper School Daily


Every November, students are introduced to the social-emotional topic of gratitude. Students brainstormed a list of things they are grateful for in their own lives. This week, students wrote post-its to fellow friends to show their gratitude. Students will be presenting their gratitude books to you at the Harvest Feast!


Essayists in Action!

This week we finished our unit of study on Essays. Writers were able to share their literary essays to Fourth Graders on Monday. For these literary essays we have been diving deep into a book of our choosing. We developed a thesis statement about the book and then found evidence to support our thesis throughout the pages in the story.







Research Project

Fifth Grade researchers shared their knowledge of information to First Graders this week. We have been researching topics like parrots, figure skating, nintendo, and horses. After we completed our extensive research, we taught our young friends all about what we’ve learned ourselves. First Grade buddies had so many bucket filler compliments that made us feel great!


Important Dates


  • Tuesday, November 20- ½ Day- Harvest Feast
  • Wednesday, November 21st-23rd- Thanksgiving Break