The Cooper School Daily


Owl Pellets Anyone?

In conjunction with our study of the human body, 4th Grade dissected owl pellets. Working in partnerships, students carefully dismantled these pellets to find that they were filled with small rodent bones. Students were amazed by how many bones were found within one pellet and how delicate these tiny bones were. Once the bones were separated from the pellet, students were tasked with re-assembling the skeleton with the help of a small rodent diagram. Please ask your child about their observations of the dissection.


The Final Stages!

When you think you are done, you have just begun! This week, students were working on the final stages of their information books about the American Revolution. While developing informational writing skills, Fourth Graders picked their final topic based on their interests of the events and historical figures after 1775. Students brought their research to life by adding text features, opinions and narrative stories to their rough drafts. Students revised subtopic chapters and peers edited their classmates’ work. You will surely be impressed by their work at the presentation next week.


It’s Time To Move Your Arms And Legs!

This week students focused on the body’s muscles by creating models of the arm, leg, and thumb using craft sticks, rubber bands, paper clips, and rubber tubes. We’ve discussed how each material represents the bones, joints, muscles, tendons, or ligaments. We learned how each of these parts are connected and work together to make arms and legs move. Ask your child about the challenges of creating each model!


Important Dates:

Monday, 1/21 MLK Day No School

Tuesday, 1/22 4th and 5th Grade Field Trip-Number the Stars Play

Wednesday, 1/23 4th Grade American Revolution Presentation

Thursday, 1/31 Art Walk