The Cooper School Daily

Number the Stars

On Tuesday we visited the Dock Street Theater to see a play called “Number the Stars”. We spent the past few weeks reading this book during our Read Aloud time to prepare for the play. Historians used their knowledge of World War II to really explore what life was like for Annemarie in this story. We had many discussions of the way the characters felt, the experiences that they went through, and the outcome of the war. Ask your child to explain the story to you!

Signing Petitions

This week we traveled to Third Grade to read and sign petitions that we felt strongly about. Third Graders were studying persuasive writing and they did such a great job covering topics such as using too much plastic for game packaging, the importance of being on time for the school bus, and banning straws for public use. Fifth Graders picked the petitions they felt strongly about, read them, and then signed their names to signify that they were on the same side.


European Countries

This week Fifth Graders each got their own country in Europe to research. They were then tasked with finding information such as the languages spoken, holidays celebrated, and geographic location of their country. Students will then chose a way to present this information. Some students are choosing to make a slideshow and some students are choosing to make a poster to showcase their learning.


Important Dates:

Thursday, 1/31 Art Walk

Thursday, 2/14 Valentine’s Day Concert

Monday, 2/18 February Break- NO School

Tuesday, 2/19 11:30 Dismissal