The Cooper School Daily

Cooper Village Buildings

Cooper Village is rolling along as we divided into groups.  There will be four groups, each group building two businesses and their own residential home. Groups are assigned by natural disaster. Scholars are focused on disaster prevention and strategizing plans to protect their businesses.  The groups include Fire (Police/Fire/Law/Wifi/Electricity/Internet),Hurricane (Hospital/Doctors Office/Veterinary Office),Flood (Weather and News/Recycling/Waste and Water Dept), and Earthquake (Restaurant/School Library).

Partnering up to brainstorm what they recalled from our studies of each natural disaster, scholars worked to apply this knowledge to their buildings.  They assessed three challenges that these natural disasters could pose and three solutions to these challenges.


Second Graders continued their study of climate and weather by focusing on droughts.  They learned that droughts occur when an area gets less rain and snow that the people, plants, and animals need to live there.  Scholars analyzed a bar graph that compared the 5-Year Drought Rainfall in inches to the 5-Year Normal Rainfall in inches.

Read Aloud

Second Grade is finishing our newest read aloud book, “The Year of Billy Miller” by author and Newberry Medal winning author, Kevin Henkes.  This book follows the life of Billy Miller, a Second Grader who balances the adventures of school and life with his family creating a humorous plot! Ask your child what their favorite part of this book has been!

Important Dates:

February 14th- Valentine’s Day Concert at The Circular Church

February 15th- Grade 2 Playdate

February 18th- February Break- No School

February 19th- 11:30 Dismissal

Pictured Below: Second Grader Natural Disaster Groups begin building planning