The Cooper School Daily

Celebrating Friendship!

Fourth Graders celebrated friendships in our class by joining forces in a creative activity. Each student made half of a heart with a special design and the goal was to find a friend in the class to match the design. Friends connected together to make one complete heart! Our class has grown together in so many ways and students wanted to showcase their strong bonds by creating these friendship hearts. Please ask your child about the meaning of friendship.


The Benefits of Choir are Something to Sing About!

What a joy it was to hear The Cooper School Choir perform at The Circular Congregational Church, in honor of Valentine’s Day! Fourth Graders have been practicing hard and couldn’t wait to sing for their families and the TCS community. Students have enjoyed rehearsing together since it creates a sense of teamwork and has a positive affect on their well being. The powerful combination of music and education came alive this week. Please ask your child about their experience.


Book Clubs: Historical Fiction Time!

Book clubs are a fan favorite among our 4th Graders and our current theme is WWII. Each book club was assigned one book about the war and are meeting frequently to discuss what they’ve learned from the reading. One book club is diving into, “Behind the Bedroom Wall,” which is about a young girl who finds out that her parents are part of the resistance during the war. The books are full of insightful plots and the conversations between club members are riveting. Please ask your child to discuss with you the book they are reading in their club.


Important Dates:

Monday, 2/18 February Break-No School

Tuesday, 2/19 11:30 Dismissal