The Cooper School Daily


It’s time to put on your 3D glasses!

Fourth Graders put on their 3D glasses to watch a thrilling 3D tour of the International Space Station, as part of our Sun, Moon and Stars unit. Students were inspired by the tour and were eager to share their reflections with the class. They are learning about the exploration of the solar system and the significance of scientific research. Our class is discovering that the Moon is Earth’s only natural satellite and it rises and sets just like the Sun. Students will be observing the Moon’s Lunar Phase Cycle in the upcoming weeks and charting results each day. There’s a lot we can learn from the Sun, Moon and Stars. Please ask your child about their observations of the 3D tour.



How do you use a protractor to measure an angle?

Fourth Grade students have started to measure angles with a protractor. Our mathematicians are working hard at identifying different types of angles, such as right, reflex, obtuse and acute angles. Students are becoming more comfortable with using this tool to discover answers to difficult problems. Unit 6 has challenged our students to ask questions and utilize interactive methods when approaching each problem. Students were introduced to complementary angles and supplementary angles. Students used their knowledge to solve unknown additive angle problems. Please ask your child about the three different types of angles.


Inspiring historical fiction narratives!

Our historians have been busy creating their historical fiction narratives from scratch! Each scholar began the writing process by filling in a story planner designed to assist with the flow of the story. Fourth Graders use this planner in a thoughtful manner to help them with the writing process, as they develop each piece of the story. Students have been adding historical details of their chosen time period into the setting, character actions and feelings of their stories. Ask your child what time period they chose to write about!


Important Dates:

Monday, 3/14-Tuesday, 3/15 Student Led Conferences-Half Days

Monday, 3/25-Friday, 3/29 Spring Break-No School