The Cooper School Daily

Lead the Way Fourth Graders!

Fourth Graders were on point this week as they took the lead in the Student Led Conferences. We loved observing each student interact with their parents while guiding them through their portfolios and planned activities. Our Fourth Grade leaders practiced effective communication skills numerous times to ensure they were prepared for the big day. It was exciting to see each student’s enthusiastic attitude towards this event. During class, students honed their public speaking skills as well as their timing skills. The conferences were a huge success and our students reveled in the sheer joy of the entire experience. Please ask your child what their favorite part of the conference was.  


What a Performance!

Fourth Graders were excited to attend the dazzling Black Violin Education Performance. This performance was led by classically trained string players Wil B. (viola) and Kev Marcus (violin). Joining them onstage are DJ SPS and drummer Nat Stokes. The band uses their unique blend of classical and hip-hop music, often described as “classical boom,” to overcome stereotypes and encourage people of all ages, races, and economic backgrounds to join together to break down cultural barriers. The group advocates for educational outreach and in the past 12 months have performed for over 100,000 students in the US and Europe. Black Violin’s Impossible Tour will spread the message that anything is possible and there are no limits to what one can achieve, regardless of circumstance. Please ask your child about their experience at the performance.


Can You Say Onomatopoeia Three Times Fast?

This week, Fourth Graders leaped into poetry and began adding rhythm to their first poems. Our poets were encouraged to incorporate three guiding principles to construct their poems. First, they needed to use repetitive words in a rhythmic tone. Students continued to build a creative poem by using back and forth language to give a sense of continuity to their pieces. Finally, they had to use Onomatopoeia to add depth to their writing. Please ask your child how they were able to create rhythm in their poems.



Important Dates:

Saturday, 3/16- Spring Planting Party

Monday, 3/25-Friday, 3/29 Spring Break-No School