The Cooper School Daily

Last Week of Second Grade

Bird Study Museum

Second Grade ornithologists celebrated a successful presentation of their Bird Study Museum.  Scholars shared exciting iMovies to begin their presentation. Detailed Power Points covered facts ranging from the bird’s feathers, wingspan, nest, predators, prey and interesting facts! Second Graders displayed life like bird sculptures of their individual birds that they were able to refer to during their Power Point.  Wingspan vs. Armspan displays were a popular display of our presentation for our guests to visualize the size of scholar’s birds.

Vocabulary Review

This week in vocabulary Second Grade scholars did a review of a few handpicked words previously studied over the year.  This year Second Graders studied a vast list of vocabulary words that increased in difficulty as the year progressed. These words were usually first introduced in a read-aloud story and then definitions would be reviewed with example sentences.  Each day provides a new review of the definitions through activities like acting during freeze frame, word illustration, and word square sheets. Second Graders enjoyed the chance to “shine” on a word when they heard it used in class read alouds or in example sentences!

Read Aloud Book Themes

Second Graders took time this week to discuss the ranging themes from our year’s selection of Read Aloud stories.  Themes included discussions around diversity, acceptance, family, growing up, being different, making new friends, and trying new things.  Scholars enjoyed books like Maniac Magee, The Wild Robot, and The King’s Equal, James and the Giant Peach, and The Penderwicks.  

Important Dates

May 31st: 11:30 Dismissal 

Below: Second Graders perform their puppet shows from Music