The Cooper School Daily

A Class of Bright Bulbs!


Students have been learning several ways to multiply two and three digit numbers together to get a product. The Partial Products algorithm uses place value to either multiply a basic fact or an extended fact. Each factor is thought of as a sum of ones, tens, etc. Each part of one factor is then multiplied by each other factor. Finally, the resulting Partial Products are added together. Students love practicing this multiplication method by playing Multiplication Wrestling. While the game is fun to practice and play with a friend, students quickly learned that this algorithm takes the most time to compute. The next two methods introduced were the Lattice Method and the traditional, Right to Left Method. Ask your child what double digit multiplication method they like best!



Have you ever had one bulb burn out on a string of Christmas lights?  What happens?  Well, if your whole strand darkens then your strand was made using a series circuit.  If the rest of the lights stay lit, then your strand was made using a parallel circuit.  This is what Fourth Graders discovered this week during science.  After being presented with this problem, students were split into two groups to make strands of lights using a series circuit and a parallel circuit.  After deciding which circuit was best, students wrote a letter stating why the circuit they picked was the most effective for a string of lights.



Students are moving right along with their American Revolution information writing!  The week began with drafting “All About” sections that revolved around one focused topic, and ended with students writing historical fiction small moments.  Students have not only been focused workers, but passionate researchers during this unit. Everyday I am impressed with their depth of knowledge and excitement for the writing process!


Important Dates:

Tuesday, Jan. 23rd                Dock Street Theater – The Giver

Thursday, Jan. 25th              Art Walk, 8:00 AM