The Cooper School Daily

A Few Of Our Favorite Things

Addition & Subtraction
Kindergarteners have been spending the week mastering addition and subtraction within 10. Students have been so proud to show off all that they know about numbers! Using counters, connecting cubes, and even other Kindergarteners, students were able to represent numbers with objects. Kindergarteners concluded their week with some exciting work in math storytelling. We were so impressed by the number stories our little mathematicians were able to think up!

As students continued their Buildings study this week, we decided to create a cityscape of our own! Students were given a strip of construction paper, and directions on how to measure and cut it. (Orange should be six cubes long, yellow should be seven cubes long, etc.). After measuring and cutting their paper to the size requested by the city, Kindergarteners transformed their paper into skyscrapers. When completed, students used scraps to create other elements of their city, including trees, street lights, and cars! Students were so excited and proud to see their work added into our small rainbow town!

How-To Dye Noodles
This week, Kindergarteners joined forces to learn all of the steps to dye noodles for craft projects. Using what they learned, students worked together to create a how-to book, walking their readers step by step through the process of dying pasta with food coloring and hand sanitizer! Once Kindergarteners were ready, we were so excited to shake up and mix the colors in our own ZipLoc bags. Kindergarteners used their new materials to decorate their own crafted gingerbread houses!

Important Dates:
December 10th- Kindergarten & 1st Grade Movie Night (5pm-8pm)
December 17th – Pajama Day- Holiday Extravaganza (10:30) 11:30 Dismissal
December 20th – January 3rd – Winter Break (No School)