The Cooper School Daily

A Fun Filled Week!

Wrapping Up Biomes in a Fashionable Way

Kindergarten “Biome Experts” were delighted to show off their knowledge of the four biomes we studied during our Biome Fashion Show. Students did an outstanding job preparing their individual biome uniforms and props to represent the rainforest, desert, polar and wetland biomes. Kindergarteners worked to read and record an interesting fact about their biome during Learning Centers. They then wrote their biome fact in their very nicest and neatest handwriting to prepare for the fashion show.

Proud Writers

Kindergarteners worked so very hard as writers, illustrators and storytellers to prepare for their How-To publishing party this Tuesday. We were beaming with pride as they proudly shared their hard work with the Second Graders. Students supported each other by giving their friends a “shine” with wiggly fingers, when they shared introductions, conclusions, tips, suggestions, or warnings. Second Graders asked our How-To writers questions about their books and wrote each friend a special note at the end of the day.   

K-5 Fun Day

On Monday, Kindergarteners got the special opportunity to spend the morning having fun with their friends in Fifth Grade. Kindergarteners and Fifth Graders paired together to have reading buddies, eat snack, and play outside at recess together. Kindergarteners and Fifth Graders then went to the soccer fields down the street to play field games. They had a blast playing Everybody’s It, Soccer, a yoga pose game, and other fun movement games. It was definitely a fun day!

Important Dates:

  • Monday and Tuesday, March 6th and 7th Student-Led Conference 11:30 Dismissal
  • Wednesday, March 8th Picture Day
  • Thursday, March 9th TCS Movie Presentation @ 6:45
  • Friday, March 10th Parents Night Out K-2