The Cooper School Daily

A Great Week to Study Weather!


On Thursday we were joined by Jennifer from High Touch, Weather PosterHigh Tech for an in-class study trip! She brought five different hands-on and experimental centers designed to allow our students to explore different elements of weather. Our young scientists enjoyed tornado bottles, a cloud machine, thermometers, and even magic snow (just add water!). Jennifer was impressed with the intelligence and vocabulary of the First Graders and looks forward to coming back to TCS for more science experiences.


Writing Workshop

We are spending this week learning about haiku poetry. This Japanese poetic form is all about concisely Ginko Walkconveying the beauty and mystery of nature. So, what better place to practice than in our beautiful backyard. On Tuesday, First Graders brought their poetry journals outside to find a cozy nook in which to observe nature and write haikus. It was sunny, warm, and blustery, and our young poets came up with some fantastic short haiku poems from the day. Here’s one:

pine cone

still as stone

THUMP another one falls


Do you know the difference between a triangular prism and a square pyramid? How about between a cube and a rectangular prism? Could you sense the difference just by touching them? We put First Graders to the test this week, as our geometry unit draws to a close. In a fun game, partners took turns placing a 3D shape in a bag for the other partner to touch. Without looking, students reached in and felt the 3D shape, and then making a guess. It was a fun way to reinforce shape identification!


Important Dates20160405_104901

  • Friday, April 8 – Final swim lesson!
  • Thursday, April 14 – TCS Silent Auction, Stars Reasturant, 5:00pm – 7:00pm
  • Friday, April 22 – Parent Coffee Morning – 8:30am – 9:30am
  • Friday, May 6 – Pass It On, Charleston Museum, 5:00pm – 6:00pm