The Cooper School Daily

A Little Drama in Second Grade!


We are beginning Rocket Math. This program is designed to strengthen student’s ability to recall basic facts through daily practice. This is a combination of practicing facts orally with a partner and a timed fact test. All students will begin with basic addition, but they move at their own pace. Student’s automaticity will increase, as they demonstrate mastery of each set of facts. This is an important step for future success in math.


Students investigated the question, “What is soil?” in Science this week. After a closely studying soil with sifters and magnifying glasses, students determined that it is a combination of sand, gravel, pebbles, and Soilhumus. Humus is decomposed plant material. When attempting to separate these materials, students found that the humus remained with all the different particle sizes using the sifters. They then tried to separate the sand and humus combination with water. The students were surprised when they observed the humus floating on top of the water. After discussion, students agreed that soil is the best material for planting in because of the nutrients that come from the humus.


Second Graders were excited to start drama this week! Each year we have actors from Charleston Stage come into our school to work with students. Drama helps develop students’ artistic and creative skills. It can also provide knowledge that is transferable to a variety of artistic and social related contexts. Students use their bodies, voice, and imagination to create different scenes. These skills are later used for publishing parties and other presentations throughout the school year.