The Cooper School Daily

A Play, Spelling Patterns, and a Publishing Party

Elephant and Piggie 

On Tuesday, Kindergarteners integrated the arts by taking a study trip to the newly renovated Gaillard Center to watch the  theatre production Elephant and Piggie’s, We Are In a Play. It is based on the popular and well-loved book series by Mo Willems. Both children and adults are drawn to the simplicity and silliness of these books. The show featured six books from the Elephant and Piggie series. Kindergarteners enjoyed naming the different books as the topics and themes were dramatized on stage. IMG_0929Students chuckled when Piggie got invited to a party, and laughed as Gerald learned a crazy new dance. Their favorite part was when Piggie needed to leave to use the bathroom and Gerald was afraid to let her go because he wanted her to still play with him,  Although each Elephant and Piggie book has a different moral, the overall lesson emphasized throughout this series teaches readers how good it feels to put friends first.



Kindergarteners have become spelling enthusiasts this week as they embark on learning their first list of spelling words. All week they have been manipulating their words by sorting them, decoding them, and  playing various games to help them learn and know their specific spelling pattern. Spelling enthusiasts are excited for their very first spelling assessment and can’t wait to learn more!  IMG_0930

Parent Publishing Party

Kindergarteners worked so very hard as writers, illustrators and storytellers to prepare for their How-To publishing party this Friday. Kindergarteners were beaming with pride as they proudly shared their hard work with families. Thank you so much for always being such an amazing audience for Kindergarten writers!

Important Dates:

  • Monday, January 25th Non-Uniform Day
  • Friday, January 29th Art Walk 8:00-9:00
  • Monday, February 1st Study Trip to Charleston Museum and 100th Day Project Due
  • Thursday, February 4th 100th Day of School
  • Friday, February 12th Valentine’s Day Concert and Bake Sale @ 1:30
  • February 15th and 16th No School