The Cooper School Daily

A Poet’s Eye


As a part of our new Social Studies unit studying Australia, Second Graders are taking a greater look at the land and water covering the entirety of our globe. Scholars studied model globes and explained to a partner that globes are simply models of the Earth. Scholars worked in groups to identify the seven continents, the large areas of land shown on a globe, and distinguish the 5 oceans on a blank map. They created a legend with two distinct colors, one for land and one for ocean.   

A Poet’s Eye

Poetry studies are underway in Writing Workshop. One of the highlighted activities from the week was when our young poets randomly selected an item from a grab bag and then described items using their “poet’s eye”. Scholars compared a marble to a raindrop, coral to a tree branch, and a conch shell to a hand mixer.  

Endangered Birds:

Second Graders will speak at next week’s Whole School Morning Meeting about endangered birds.  Dividing into groups, jobs were divided as writers, information keepers, and speakers. Scholars will make passionate arguments about why their species is endangered and why they should be protected. The endangered birds we will be discussing will be California Condors, Kakapo’s, and the Whooping Crane.    

Important Dates

March 16th Spring Planting Party

March 25-29 Spring Break