The Cooper School Daily

A Revolutionary Week!

Over the course of the next several weeks, 4th Graders will be immersed in the subject of the American Revolution across disciplines.  Students will be reading, writing, and participating in centers all intended to teach about the Revolutionary War.


This week students began to write information texts about a chosen topic having to do with the war.  During this writing unit, students will learn the art of doing research and how to teach through their writing.


We made a transition to reading non-fiction texts about the Revolutionary War this week.  We have also been preparing for our “Rebels and Redcoats” study trip on December 7th by overviewing the important events of this war for independence.  Students learned what life was like for the colonists and then focused on the events that led to the beginning of the war. Ask your child about the Stamp Act or The Boston Tea Party.

Book Clubs

Our revolutionary readers are taking their interest to another level in historical fiction book clubs. Students enjoyed meeting with their club, coming up with club names and embarking on their first book. Students will gain historical insight into the revolutionary era! Ask your child what book their club chose first.

Charleston Symphony

On Tuesday, the Charleston Symphony Orchestra came to play for our students. 4th Graders were entranced by this String Quintet. The violinists played songs from “Happy Birthday” variations to “Jaws” and “Stars Wars” themes.

Important Dates:

December 7th – Rebels and Redcoats Field Trip

Friday, 12/7 K-2 Movie Night

Tuesday, 12/11- Winter Choir Performance (1:30pm @ The Circular Church)

Friday, 12/14 3-5 Movie Night

Friday, 12/21- Pajama Day- ½ day

12/22- Winter Break Begins