The Cooper School Daily

A Revolutionary Week!

ReadingSydney& Harry

Fourth Grade has been reading realistic fiction novels since the beginning of the school year.  This
week, we made a transition to reading non-fiction texts about the Revolutionary War.  We are preparing for our “Rebels and Redcoats” study trip On December 3rd by overviewing the important events of this war for independence.  Students learned what life was like for the colonists and then focused on the events that led to the beginning of the war.  Ask your child about the Stamp Act, The Boston Massacre, and The Boston Tea Party.

American Revolution Play

On Monday, 4th and 5th Grade attended a play at The Gaillard Auditorium titled The American Revolution.  The play was an abstract interpretation of the events leading up to the revolution as well as a theatrical performance of the key battles and turning points of the war.  Students were amazed by the actors’ performance in such a small amount of space! All seven actors performed on a small rectangular table, never once stepping off, for the entire hour long play!

11.19.15Gratitude Wreath

In preparation for next week’s Harvest Feast, and as a way to show gratitude, 4th and 5th grades have been creating a Gratitude Wreath during Morning Meeting.  This wreath consists of three different color leaves.  On the orange leaves, students have written about people they are grateful to have in their lives. On the yellow leaves, gratitudes have been written about places that the students are grateful for.  And finally, there are red leaves, on which are written things that the class is grateful for.  This wreath came together beautifully, and will be auctioned off at the Harvest Feast for one lucky family to enjoy over the holidays.

Important Dates:

  • Tuesday, November 24th – Harvest Feast- Half Day
  • November 25th-27th – Thanksgiving Break
  • Thursday, December 3rd – Rebels and Redcoats Study Trip
  • Friday, December 18th – Pajama Day- Half Day