The Cooper School Daily

A Special Culminating Event!

davis_writing_editInsect Museum

On Friday, First Graders put on a special annual event: The Insect Museum! Showcasing all of their work from science, writing, and art in the study of insects, students were able to guide parents, siblings, and special guests through exhibits featuring life cycle posters, narrative stories about insect encounters, symmetrical butterfly paintings, local insect research, and much, much more! After sharing so much knowledge, the children had worked up an appetite and got to enjoy insect-themed snacks like “worms and dirt” and “caterpillar fruit skewers.” It was a fantastic way to end our in-depth insect unit!

Writing Workshop

In Writing Workshop this week, our young writers learned how to use headings and tables of contents to turn their nonfiction writing into chapter books! It is, of course, every First Grader’s aim to work with chapter books, and it was exciting to see them fill pages with relevant facts and information.


Hands-on learning is something we do very well at The Cooper School. Sometimes it manifests as big projects with lots of steps and sometimes it manifests as small activities, lasting only 20-30 minutes. This week in Centers, students got a chance to dive into the box of magnetic letters. They played games with the letters, creating “word ladders” and trying to anagram their names to find new words. These kinds of activities reinforce phonemic awareness and, as a bonus, they’re really fun!