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A Sprinkle of Gratitude Everywhere…

Showing GratitudeMath

Friday’s math class has become a popular day for students in Second Grade. We reserve this day to practice playing various math games introduced throughout the week. Engaging math games encourage students to explore concepts being taught in each lesson. They further give students the opportunity to deepen their understanding and reasoning of mathematical skills. This week Second Graders played Subtraction and Coin Top-It, Time Match-Up, and Coin Difference. Each unique game motivated the students to think mathematically while reinforcing what they learned this week.


Second Graders took a break from writing lab reports this week to reflect on the meaningful things in their life. Students began by brainstorming a list of topics they were grateful for in their lives. After discussing various synonyms for the word “grateful”, students began drafting their Gratitude Book. To conclude each session of our Writers Workshop, students shared their unique ideas about gratitude and topics they felt displayed creativity or thoughtfulness. As the week came to a close, writers edited and revised their final drafts to compile in their book. Each student will present their “Gratitude Book” to their loved ones at the Thanksgiving Feast on Tuesday.

Showing Appreciation

Gratitude could be seen everywhere this week. It was carefully stitched into lessons, the first thing students discussed in morning meeting, and displayed throughout the classroom on colorful fall leaves. Students showed their appreciation by reflecting, writing, and sharing. Students recorded lessons they were thankful to have learned, people they were fortunate to have in their life, and things they were lucky to own. The students put their gratitude on leaves and placed each leaf on our class tree. By the end of the week, our class tree was full of vibrant leaves that reminded us how blessed we truly are.

Important Dates

  • Tuesday, November 24th – 1/2 Day and Thanksgiving Feast
  • Monday, November 23rd – School Resumes