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A Tree, a Symbol of Growth

A Tree, a Symbol of Growth
By: Emmylou Allen

A tree swaying in the field of sweet spring,
a story to tell needing to be heard.
The vivid colors that autumn soon bring,
in the restless strong wind, colors so blurred.

Winter comes; new appearances await.
With winter comes a terrible escape.
In my comfort, coziness is my fate,
weighed down by heavy snow branches agape.

As the sun hits my back, so leaves grow back.
My skin transforms – a golden tan arrives.
Sunshine’s rays in this time they never lack.
The old, wise trees have lived many past lives.

Trees grow tall as I grow into myself.
Lessons of nature give me words of wealth.

The line “trees grow tall as I grow into myself” suits this season of life for our middle schoolers so well. As we reflect back on the past school year, I’ve seen so much growth physically, academically, and emotionally in the TCS middle schoolers. They’ve stepped into their respective roles, taken charge of their academics, and grown into themselves.


What’s happening in Social Studies?
This week, the eighth graders studied nuclear weapons that were created during the Second World War. Students continued their studies and preparation for a debate on Human Rights and Asylum while also continuing their reading of Night.

Next week, the students will study the Nuremberg Laws and Trials before finishing off the war. Students will finish the week by completing a study guide in preparation for their unit assessment next Friday!

What’s happening in ELA?
8th graders worked hard to prepare their sonnet presentations at the top of the week – rehearsing with thoughtful feedback and encouragement from their peers. We studied real world examples of professional, thoughtful interviewing. Using that knowledge, we conducted deep investigations through our interview skills.

Next week, journalists will continue to observe, interview, and research as they begin to organize their findings and outline their investigative articles. We will proofread run-on sentences and review verb types in grammar.

What’s happening in Science?
Eighth graders explored how sexual reproduction leads to variation in traits in a population this week. They learned how the combination of alleles leads to specific phenotypes. The eighth graders also learned how to interpret cladograms to see what common characteristics organisms may share. Next week, they will learn more about natural selection as well as go to Folly Beach. They will also present their living fossil project to the middle school.

What’s happening in Math?
This week, 8th graders discovered, used, and manipulated the quadratic formula to help us solve more quadratic equations!! Next week, we’ll consider solutions that are irrational!

Important Dates:
April 17: Middle School Sports Banquet- 5pm
April 27: Spring Auction & Gala- 6pm @ Founder’s Hall (tickets available until 4/12)