The Cooper School Daily

A Very Sweet Week!

Compliments Written With Care

First Grade writers have been busy preparing thoughtful and unique compliments for each friend in their class. Students discovered the joy of giving and receiving meaningful compliments through The Cooper School’s annual Compliment Book writing. These brave and hardworking writers have shown tremendous grit as they created compliment rough-drafts, fancied them up, and then wrote final copies in their very nicest and neatest handwriting. First Grade scholars were thrilled to the gills to create such unique compliment books for friends! Giving, and receiving these precious gifts is such a treasured memory on this special day!

Meet the Centimeter!

This week, mathematicians were introduced to a new unit of measurement in the metric system, the centimeter! First Grade friends practiced using base-10 longs to estimate and measure the lengths of various objects. These brave scholars also used a ruler to measure and draw line segments to the nearest centimeter. To wrap-up this exciting lesson, First Grade mathematicians practiced comparing the lengths of objects using centimeters as their unit of measurement. Ask your First Grader what they know about centimeters!

We Are Ready!

This week our First Grade scholars spent time preparing for their big Polar Presentation coming up next Tuesday! Scholars spent time publishing their final copies of writing and illustrations about Inuit culture then and now. First Graders practiced sharing their polar animal research with Third Grade friends in preparation for sharing with parents next week. We are so excited to show you all we know about the Polar Biome!

Important Dates:

February Break/ No School                  Friday, Feb. 16th

February Break/ No School                  Monday, Feb. 19th  

Inuit Presentation                                  Tuesday, February 20th

Student Lead Conferences                    Monday, March 5th and

                                                                    Tuesday, March 6th