The Cooper School Daily

A Walk Around The Block

Writing Compliments
Kindergarteners were thrilled for the chance to express their appreciation for the strong relationships they have built with their peers! Students kicked off a new project writing compliments for their classmates. Our class began by brainstorming the things they appreciated about their peers. From there, students looked for ways to put their feelings into words. Kindergarteners were bustling with so many positive things to say! We are touched to see and hear all of the kind things students had to say to their peers.

Word Wizards
Our class was excited to launch our study of vocabulary this week! We dove head first into Gregory, the Terrible Eater by Mitchell Sharmat. Students discussed the different aspects that made this book fiction and closely examined six words from the story. Kindergarteners are spending time illustrating vocabulary words and acting them out, as well as using them in class discussion. Be sure to ask your Kindergartener what they know about terrible, fussy, appropriate, revolting, average, and nutritious!

Our Neighborhood Walk
Excitement was in the air as Kindergarteners took their second field trip of the year! Students explored The Cooper School’s surrounding neighborhood as a part of our Buildings Study. Our small architects used all they have learned about buildings to compare houses, and consider why these houses are built differently. Kindergarteners were challenged to a Scavenger Hunt, looking for specific and fun items we might find in the neighborhood. Students were so excited to share all of the shapes and materials they recognized!

Important Dates:
January 17th – MLK Day (No School)
February 1st – 100th Day of School
February 21st & 22nd – February Break (No School)