The Cooper School Daily

A Week of Accomplishments!


Science experiments and Lab Reports never fail to excite! This week students worked onlab-reports creating their own catapults to test our class question. Which will go farther off a catapult, a marshmallow or a cotton ball? Each partnership worked with the same materials (a spoon, ruler, rubber band, and tape) to create their own catapult to test the distance that the objects would fly. Students recorded their results and conducted several trials. The idea of flinging objects through the classroom was irresistible for students. Witnessing the enthusiasm in learning was priceless to see! Just like real scientists, students compared and analyzed their results with each other. Curiosity consumed the class, as they pondered what could have caused different results among peers using the same materials. While working in partnerships, each student wrote an individual lab report, reflecting on their hypothesis and recording what happened detail by detail.  



 Second Graders are studying character traits in their Reading and Retelling Unit. Students zoomerslearned that readers keep track of the main character in the story by paying attention to what they do, say, and think. After choosing a new book to read each day, students would demonstrate their understanding by citing evidence from the story to support their thinking. Even though citing evidence seems rather effortless for experienced readers, mastering this skill takes a lot of practice. Students learn to make inferences and to draw conclusions based on the character’s actions and behaviors. At the end of every lesson, students gathered on the carpet to share what they learned from the day’s lesson on characters and their traits. 


Publishing Party 

 One way we celebrate children’s hard work is through publishing. This shows that the student’s work is valued and worthy of being shared with others. As each class comes to the end of their writing units, they invite family and friends to come and share in their celebration. The Second Grade writers presented their stories with excitement and poise on Wednesday to a proud group of parents, siblings, and friends. After each confident author had the chance to read their book, they concluded by personalizing their “small moment” story with their families. 

Important Dates 

Monday, October 31st  Halloween Carnival – ½ Day 

Friday, November 4th  “Casual Dress” Day 

Monday, November 14th ½ Day – Conferences 

Tuesday, November 15th ½ Day – Conferences 

Tuesday, November 22nd   ½ Day – Harvest Feast and Concert