The Cooper School Daily

A Week of Celebrations!!!

Cooper Village Presentation

Second Graders began the week by rehearsing for their presentation. They practiced reading their portion of the presentation individually, with partners, and in groups. Students gave constructive feedback to their peers by encouraging them to speak loud and proud or to add more expression. Second Graders practiced making eye contact and reading slowly so the audience could understand the information being presented. On Thursday, their creativity shined brightly as the talented scholars presented Cooper Village with pride, confidence, and poise.

Publishing Party

After experiencing the thrill of presenting Cooper Village, Second Grade scholars were honored to join Kindergarten as they published their “How to” books on Tuesday. Students paired up with partners and listened as they proudly read and carefully explained a step-by-step process of doing something. After a few minutes, Miss Erin would ring a bell, and they would rotate to a new partner. Second Graders learned all about building block towers, making smoothies, and the rules to specific recess games. It was so endearing to watch as they complimented their younger buddies on their effort and hard work.


Science Fair

Second Grade students were thrilled to take a look at the Fifth Grade Science Fair projects! They enjoyed exploring the different experiments and hearing more about the projects from Fifth Grade “experts.” Students learned that apple juice is more likely to stain your teeth than lemonade, that a football helmet will protect your head better than a bicycle helmet, and red vinegar reacts more to baking soda than to white vinegar. The Second Graders were interested in it all!

Monday, March 6th                        Student-Led Conferences ½ Day


Tuesday, March 7th                       Student-Led Conferences ½ Day


Wednesday, March 8th                Picture Day


Thursday, March 9th                      Movie Screening at 6:45-8:45 pm


Friday, March 10th                         Parents Night Out at 5:30-8:00 pm