The Cooper School Daily

A Week of Celebrations!


Halloween Carnival 

The week began with the annual Halloween Carnival. The Fifth Grade students each created a Halloween-themed booth for the rest of the school to enjoy. Students came dressed in their creative costumes ready to take part in the celebration. Students bobbed for brains, explored the haunted play structure, and made their best estimation on a huge glass jar of candy corn. 


 In Yoga this week, students began by massaging their feet andyoga exploring the ball, arch, and heel. They were asked, “What does it mean to feel grounded?” After learning that the feet ensure stability, they focused their attention to the mind. Students practiced belly breathing with their hands on their stomach. Sending breath into the belly, rather than shallow breaths from the chest, helps young yogis feel grounded and calm. It was challenging for some of the students so they practiced a few times in different positions. When the students actually felt the breath in the belly, it was sweet to watch as they became quite excited. As always, the class ended by reciting the mantra, “peace in my thoughts, peace in my words, peace in my heart, peace in my actions, and peace in the world”. 


The Cooper School was very lucky to have Mosmi Patel Arati Iyer, Siddhartha Chowdri join us for Whole School Morning Meeting on Friday. They taught the students about a Hindu holiday celebrated every autumn, known as Diwali, or “the festival of lights”. The festival spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and hope over despair. Mosmi then joined the second graders to show them one of the traditions of Diwali, sand art. Second graders were familiar with this style of artwork from our rock study but were delighted to use the beautiful stencils to create intricate pieces of art. The students made this sand art on the sidewalk in our backyard for everyone to enjoy. They also learned about releasing attachments, as the artwork was gone within the hour. 


Important Dates 

November 9th Parent Coffee 

November 14th – 15th Half Day – Conferences 

November 22th Half Day – Harvest Feast and Concert 

November 23rd – 25th Thanksgiving Break