The Cooper School Daily

A Week of Field Trips in Second Grade!

Getting Library Cards!

On Thursday second grade took a trip downtown to the Charleston County Public Library! Second graders were so excited to explore the books, jobs, and features of the library! We will have a library in Cooper Village, so this was a great opportunity to learn more about the business we will have! At the library we listened to a read aloud, learned about the way books are organized, and got to use brand new library cards to check out a book!

Guest Experts: The Charleston Police

This week the Charleston police came to our class to talk about the importance of police officers and the different aspects of their job. They showed us the equipment they use to keep themselves and others safe in our community. We learned all about what they do in a day being a police officer. At the end we even got to tour a police car and all the equipment. 

Whole Foods Tour!

This week we also toured Whole Foods for Cooper Village! We got to learn all about the different departments of Whole Foods and all the jobs at this business. In each department we talked to a different worker that specializes in different aspects of the store. We got to learn about where produce comes from, where the fish are from, even where the cheese comes from! This trip definitely made us hungry looking at all the yummy food in the grocery store! 

Important Dates:

January 27 – Artist of the Month Coffee (2nd, 4th, & 8th Grade)

February 20-21 – February Break (No School)