The Cooper School Daily

A Week of Many Achievements


One way we celebrate children’s hard work is through Publishing. This shows that the student’s work is valued and worthy of being shared with others. As each class comes to the end of their writing units, they invite another class to come and share in their celebration. The Second Grade writers presented their stories with excitement and poise to the First Grade and Kindergarten class. After each confident author had the chance to read their book, they concluded by sharing their stories with individual groups of First Graders.


Students completed the Science unit Pebbles, Sand, and Soil. In addition to wrapping up the unit, students learned about the history of the Mandala. The tradition of Mandala comes from the Buddhist and Hindu cultures. Students choose a design they Publishingliked and began making their own small sand Mandala.

Mystery Reader

Each year, second graders are delight to have their parents show up to share a story with the class. Parents do a great job of keeping these times a secret so that students have no idea who is going to show up each Friday morning to read to our class. This week marked the beginning of this tradition in second grade and the students were so excited! If you haven’t had the chance to sign up, please do!