The Cooper School Daily

A Whole New Year

Nonfiction Reading

Kindergarten readers were thrilled to start a new reading unit this week on Informational Nonfiction Text.  They learned that to get ready to read a non-fiction book, they must read the title of the book, look at the cover, use their prior knowledge and schema to see what they already know about the topic, and think about what they want to know about (wonder) before they read their book. You definitely need to look at this page. Kindergarteners practiced these new skills by reading informational books using their own personal book bags that include books that were “just right” for them.

Kindergarten Writers Explain “How-To” and Speak to Their Readers

Kindergarten writers have been busy sharing their knowledge on a variety of topics as they compose “How To” books during writer’s workshop. This week they extended their knowledge of writing “How To” books by finding ways to elaborate in their writing. Writers learned that they can give the reader of their book tips, warnings, and suggestions as they teach how to do something. Students also found ways to use comparisons in their writing to help the reader better understand how to follow steps. Ask your brave writer what they did this week to make their “How To” books even stronger!

One Word

As we returned from a restful break and entered 2016 we discussed choosing one word to show how we want to live, learn and play in the New Year! Kindergarteners found such unique and fitting words to represent their focus as they entered the New Year. Ask your kindergartener what they chose as their “One Word” for 2016!


Important Dates:

  • Monday, January 18th MLK Day No School
  • Tuesday, January 19th Study Trip to Gaillard Center
  • Friday, January 22nd Publishing Party
  • Friday, January 29th Art Show at 8:00-9:00