The Cooper School Daily

A Wonderful Week!

Week of December 9-13

Special Holiday Events

This next-to-the-last week before the winter holidays are upon us has been an exciting and active time. Last Friday, over 30 lively students from K through second grade attended Movie Night at school and enjoyed the holiday films along with teachers and staff. Everyone got cozy with sleeping bags and blankets to watch the movie, eat pizza, and drink hot cocoa!

Movement Activities

Our kindergarten and first grade scholars joined together for a short trip to the St. Andrews gym where five activity stations were set up.  The students enjoyed parachute games, soccer, hula hoops, scooters, and a quiet down activity involving reading holiday books and coloring!

We’ll do it again next week, much to the delight of our students.

Amateur Reviewer

In Writing Workshop, we concluded our Opinion Writing Unit and have moved on to Review Writing. Popular products and services that are often reviewed were discussed and examples given of reviews. Our writers are learning to use more descriptive words as they write so that they can enhance the appeal for their readers! Finally, students chose something personal for them to review. We look forward to their final products!

Dock Street Theater

Our trip to the theater for a live production of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever was a joy!

The students were mesmerized by the sets, the performances, the music, and the story itself. The message that no naughty child is all bad, and the revelation of touching character traits of the disheveled Herdman clan reassures us and reminds us.

Important Dates

December 18: K-1st(9:30-10:15am) St. Andrew’s Gym

December 20: Pajama Day. Half Day, 11:30 dismissal

December 21-January 5: Winter Break

January 6: Students Return from Winter Break