The Cooper School Daily

Achieving Goals in April

Last Monday, I got the privilege of leading a Middle School Meeting. Within the middle school meeting, the students and I discussed keeping our goals for ourselves in mind as the weather gets warmer and our minds get ready for summer. As the nice weather becomes consistent, and as the school year inches its way to summer, it is hard to remember to carry out our individual goals amongst the excitement.

On Monday, the students were asked to write down two of their personal goals, one being academic and one being social. Students were then asked to talk with a peer about ways they can accomplish each of their goals before the school year ends. I felt as if writing these goals down and holding a conversation about them allows the students to really bring their goals alive and add value to them.

I have asked them to hold onto their sticky notes so that they have the constant reminder of what their goals are for themselves as the school year comes to an end. I encourage you to ask your children about their goals and have those conversations about how to proceed with achieving them in order to create a deeper meaning to their thoughts.


Here’s a look at what is happening in each of the classes:

What’s happening in Science?
Sixth graders continued their study about the human body systems. They learned how chemoreceptors respond to odor stimulants by smelling different mystery scents. They also learned about photoreceptors and reaction time by trying to catch falling paper and seeing how quickly they could catch it. The sixth graders also finished up their disease projects. They presented them to each other, as well as to the rest of the middle school. They all did a great job!
What’s up in ELA?

6th grader readers examined the differences and interactions between tone and mood in Return to Sender. We spoke about how tone and mood can influence the messaging about social groups in novels. We used that positive or negative messaging to guide our discussions about what the theme could ultimately be. Grammarians tightened up their verb tense skills while adding new verbal concepts like modal verbs to their toolbox.

Next week, readers finish Return to Sender and move into a graphic novel writing unit! We will also do major grammar, vocabulary, and verb reasoning practice sessions as we look forward to end of year testing.

What’s going on in Math?
This week, 6th graders analyzed this data by finding and interpreting the mean, median, mode, standard deviation, and mean absolute deviation (MAD) and applied these skills to compare two or more sets of data. Next week, we’ll begin exploring probability and sample populations, and applying our learned skills of data analysis to real-world situations.

What’s happening in Social Studies?
Sixth graders presented information on their person of research during the Renaissance! Afterwards, we did a quick reading on Reformation and analyzed a piece of writing from Martin Luther! Students finished the week with some notes on the Legacy of the Reformation.

Next week, the students will be assessed on their knowledge on the Renaissance before diving into our last unit, Discovery! Students will master their vocabulary with a vocab relay to get them outside, and then quickly map some of the early voyages of discovery!

Important Dates:
April 27: Spring Auction & Gala- 6pm @ Founder’s Hall (tickets available until 4/12)
May 9: 11:30 Dismissal (Pass It On for Elementary School)