The Cooper School Daily

Achieving Goals!

Interesting Bird Facts

Second Grade Ornithologists took time this week to write three interesting facts that most people might not know about their chosen bird. Scholars shared their fun facts with the class. For instance, did you know that hummingbirds can visit up to 2,000 flowers for nectar in one day? Scholars also discovered that in 1950, there were only sixteen Whooping Cranes left! Did you know that American Kestrels can change their speed from 100 mph to 200 mph in less than 8 seconds when they are searching for prey? 


Equivalent Money Amounts

Second Graders studied equivalent money amounts this week during math. To explore this idea, students made various coin combinations that have the value of a dollar. Some chose four quarters, while some showed this by putting out ten dimes. Scholars were then challenged to do this by using a mix of both quarters and dimes.  Scholars learned that money amounts that include dollars and cents can be written in different ways. For instance, $1.49 and 149 cents both show the same amount. 


Second Graders completed their last Movement field trip in climbing this week. Scholars set a personal goal of the amount of feet they wished to climb at each outing and then a total goal for their entire time climbing. Many Second Graders found that they quickly achieved their goal as they graduated from the 25-foot climbing wall to the 50-foot climbing wall. Many memories were made for our class over these outings! 


Important Dates

May 19th                            TCS End of the Year Celebration at The RiverDogs Baseball Game


May 21st                              Field Trip to Birds of Prey


May 27th                             No school – Memorial Day

May 28th        Bird Study Museum and Presentation