The Cooper School Daily

Acting out History!

United States History!

In Social Studies we are studying United States History. In Fifth Grade we love to act out segments of historical events. This is a fun way to learn and a great way to get up and use our bodies! This week we read a reader’s theater about the Compromise of 1850 in small groups. We then acted out these different parts and used expression to really put ourselves in our characters’ shoes!


This week we held debates on topics like; Whether or not plastic water bottles should be banned, which is more important: space or ocean exploration, and whether or not animals should be kept in zoos. Our researchers have been diving into these topics for two weeks and are ready to debate their side of the discussion. Ask your Fifth Grader what topic of study they debated on this week!


This week we started our discussion of empathy and what is means to be empathetic. During Centers we looked at different scenarios, put ourselves in the shoes of others, and asked questions about how we would feel if we were in that same situation. Our empathetic Fifth Graders were able to express their own feelings and even tell about times when they have experienced these same scenarios in their own lives.   


Important Dates:

December 11th – Winter Choir Performance at Circular Church (1:30pm)

December 14th- 3rd-5th Movie Night

December 21st – PJ Day (11:30am Dismissal)

December 22nd-January 3rd – Winter Break (No School)

January 4th – School Resumes