The Cooper School Daily

Adios April, It’s Gonna Be May!

April has come and gone, and now “it’s gonna be May.” I can’t believe that May is our last full month of school before summer break. I think more than ever, everyone is really looking forward to this summer. The end is near, and it’s a true representation of the accomplishment of this school year. 

This week’s newsletter was inspired by the NSYNC song: It’s Gonna Be Me if you have no idea what I am talking about, here is the song ( 

In the song, Justin Timberlake sings “It’s gonna be me”, however, it sounds a lot more like he is saying “It’s gonna be May” which has turned into the viral meme above, and now I will forever remember this song on the last day of April each year.

I tried to show this meme to the middle schoolers today, and they had NO IDEA who NSYNC was… it’s official… I am officially an “old” teacher…

What’s happening in Science:

Our bioblitz at the swamp was a success! They will be referring back to their nature experiences and choosing an organism to research and investigate their common ancestor lineage. Scientists discussed and analyzed biodiversity’s importance to a sustainable future, as well as keystone species they would find at the swamp.

What’s up in Math?

Fifth Graders completed their mid-module 5 quiz this week, which had some challenging questions! Mathematicians were challenged with combining their knowledge of length, width, area, volume, and liquid metric measurements to applicable, real-world scenarios. 

In order to further interpret and conceptualize measuring and calculating volume, students got to explore with 3D printing software, tinkercad, to design digital cubic centimeter blocks to create and manipulate digital prism structures and made adjustments to explore how to double and triple the cubic volume. 

Sixth Graders used mathematical expressions and in the applications of equations using all operations to solve geometric unknowns. Mathematicians analyzed equations with independent/dependent variables, used graphs to determine unknown quantities for variables, and made graphs by plotting points represented in the table on their end-of-module 4 test, this week.

In Writing:

Writers practiced and recorded their poems for Virtual Pass It On, which will be May, 7th! More information on that will be coming soon! 

Writers also finished their feature stories this week, and began their sports article! 

Important Dates:

May 7th- Virtual Pass It On (viewing information will be sent home soon)- Half Day

May 31- Memorial Day-No School