The Cooper School Daily

Adventure Week!

Charleston Museum! 

Fourth Grade explorers were delighted to hop on the TCS school bus and head down to the Charleston Museum to discover a world of Ancient Civilization artifacts. We have been studying Mythology and Egypt in both social studies and reading. The exhibit highlights included an Egyptian mummy and mummy case as well as Greek and Roman artifacts. We had a profound discussion following our study trip and our class reflected upon their enriched experience. Please ask your child about the highlights of the trip. 

Mysterious Mythology! 

Students have been reading about Greek Mythology and exploring the characteristics of traditional myths. As scholars, they are naturally curious about the work they are reading. Students put on their reading goggles and focused on the main characters, setting, plot and the purpose of the myths. Characters in myths are intriguing on many levels and our students were especially curious about the heroes and villains. Please ask your child about the struggles that the hero faced in the stories they read. 

Let’s Write an Essay!  

This week, Fourth Graders began the essay writing process. Our writers welcomed this new challenge, since they recently completed their realistic fiction pieces. Their minds were warmed up and they quickly switched gears to focus on a new structure of writing. Students were encouraged to start thinking about a thesis statement and how to support the main idea by incorporating three main reasons and evidence. Please ask your child about the difference between realistic fiction and essay writing.

Important Dates: 

Monday, 10/14 Fall Break (No School) 

Thursday, 10/24 4th Grade Parent Lunch 

Thursday, 10/31 Halloween Carnival  (10:00 am-11:30 am)