The Cooper School Daily

Adventure Week!







Who’s up for paddle boarding & kayaking in the Lowcountry?

Fourth Grade joined Fifth Grade for our first field trip to James Island County Park for SUP and kayaking lessons. We had a blast! We started with paddle boarding and students learned the proper way to sit, stand and kneel on their boards and how to do a pivot turn.  We had beautiful weather and a lovely day on the water! Please ask your child about this wonderful adventure on the water.


Gearing up for Poet Muse!

Fourth Graders have been working diligently on their upcoming Poet Muse projects. During this project, each student chooses a poet they are inspired by and learn about their lives and poetry. The culminating project includes a slideshow about their poets’ lives, a memorized recitation of one of their poet’s poems, and a poem they write inspired by their poet. Students are getting ready to present this to their parents. Please ask your child one fact they’ve learned about their poet muse.  






Prepping for Prepositions!

This week, Fourth Graders learned all about prepositions! We started out by having students listen to the famous song, “Yankee Doodle Dandy.” Once the song ended, students pointed out the prepositions, which were present throughout the song. Scholars were able to identify prepositions in new key phrases and loved sharing how prepositions enhance writing skills. We love prepositions! Please ask your child if they can easily identify a preposition.





Important Dates:

  • Friday, 4/19-Monday, 4/22 April Break-No School
  • Wednesday, 4/24 Poet Muse Presentation
  • Thursday, 4/25 SUP & Kayaking Trip
  • Thursday, 4/25 Spring Auction
  • Friday, 5/10 11:30 Dismissal
  • Friday, 5/10 Pass It On (5pm-6pm @ The Scottish Rite)