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Africa Day!

Africa Day

Your world travelers have heard from several interesting people who have lived in or traveled to Africa over the past 2 weeks. On Wednesday of this week Mr. Noah joined us for the annual 5th grade Africa Day! This is a special time where Mr. Noah teaches us about the language, people, clothing, and food in Senegal, where he lived and taught for several years. This time culminates at lunch when Mr. Noah shares an African recipe with us, called Yassa, and we all get to work together to make dessert! Ask your child what their favorite part about Africa Day was.



Fourth and Fifth Graders continue to focus on soccer during Movement this trimester. This week we went back to some of the basics. Your athletes split up into groups to practice passing on target and shooting on target. Partners passed the ball back and forth, and for each pass that went directly to the other partner both people took a large step backwards. Passing may be even more important than shooting or dribbling in a game of soccer, and your athletes are mastering the skill! At the end of Movement, we all got together for a game of “Soccer Monkey in the Middle”. Ask your child what they love about soccer!


Field Day Preparation

Students are well underway in their Field Day preparations. As a reminder, every year the Fifth Graders are responsible for planning and organizing Field Day for the rest of the school. This year, the theme is Africa, and each Fifth Grader has chosen a game that is modeled after a famous African landform. Don’t forget that Field Day is Friday, June 2! See below for a list of games that each student is making:


Sydney – All Around Africa Obstacle Course

Sasha – Diamond Mine Scavenger Hunt

Kuffin – Rob the Pyramids!

Harry – The Big Hole Toss

Camille – Victoria Falls Cup Stack

Max – The Nile River “Nile Ball”

Jada – The Cape of Good “Balance”



Important Dates

Tuesday, May 30                               CofC Solar Eclipse Presentation

Tuesday, May 30                               Movie Night, 5:30 – 7:30 pm

Thursday, June 1                              Graduation Day, 11:30 dismissal

Friday, June 2                                    Field Day, 11:30 dismissal