The Cooper School Daily

All About the Process…

Reading Workshop
This week in Reading Workshop we continued our study of Cynthia Rylant and her wonderful books. We learned specifically about personification and how to identify it in books, movies, and TV shows. Students were able to name lots of examples, like Zootopia, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, Cars 2, and much more. We realized, as we read, that Cynthia Rylant sometimes uses personification to make animals act like people and sometimes her animal characters act like real animals.

Science Fair
On Tuesday our students got the chance to visit the 5th Grade Science Fair! We got to explore the exhibits and ask lots of questions about the experiments. The 5th graders outdid themselves with their careful work and engaging displays. First Graders were particularly interested in the Watermelon Drop experiment, the flammable bug spray experiment, and the magnet experiment. Our conversations for the rest of the day were abuzz with experiment ideas for when WE are 5th graders!

Student-Led Conference Practice
A big part of our week was preparing for next week’s Student-Led Conferences. Since the First Graders will be the “bosses” at this event, they needed to complete all their self-assessment work and rehearse the process. In pairs, students took turns acting as parents as they moved through the different stations of the conference. They took turns explaining their growth and progress to their “parent” before moving to the next station. Students learned a lot in the process and it was a great way to prepare for this important event!

Important Dates
•   Monday and Tuesday, March 6-7 – Student-Led Conferences, 11:30am-3:30pm
•   Wednesday, March 8 – TCS School Picture Day! (regular uniform)
•   Thursday, March 9 – TCS Movie Screening, Terrace Theatre, 6:45pm-8:45pm
•   Friday, March 10 – “Parent’s Night Out” Event, 5:30pm-8:00pm
•   Monday, March 13 – Polar Presentation, 2:00pm, TCS Library