The Cooper School Daily

Alumni Testimonial

There is nothing that we love more than hearing from the families of our alumni! We especially love to hear how their child’s TCS foundation has served them as they move throughout Middle School and High School. Here is a recent testimonial that we received from one of our cherished TCS families.

The older our daughter gets the more value we find in The Cooper School. She has a strong foundation that has prepared her academically, athletically, and socially. As we are coming to the end of Middle School and preparing to meet with a college counselor and the high school director of curriculum, I could not be more thankful for her education at TCS. She has made all AP honors classes for next year and will be inducted into the NJHS this week. She has consistently made Head Master Honor Roll since leaving TCS and has very confidently taken on a role as a leader for group projects, athletic team sports, and other activities. Her public speaking abilities have earned her a spot on the debate team next year and have taken her far in her class presentations. She won an art competition this past December simply by applying what she learned at TCS, and thinking outside the box, while most students were not capable.  Her knowledge of music, and language, and culture has helped her navigate foreign language classes and international studies. Her entrepreneurial spirit started at TCS and continues daily. She forms relationships with most of her teachers and coaches easily, and they continuously comment on her enthusiasm for learning and ease of question asking, which I know comes from the nurtured environment she experienced for the six years she attended The Cooper School. 

While most teenage girls feel uncomfortable speaking in class, especially in front of boys, our daughter thrives on it, and is known to challenge it. She entered into a National Spelling Bee simply because a boy in her class wins every year, and no other girl would take him on. Spelling is not her strong suit, so when I asked why she volunteered to spell, she answered “why not?!”. Her comfort zone boundaries are wide, and again I’m confident it’s from her time at TCS. This past month she took her coaches from her club volleyball team to “the peace table”, so to speak. She very respectfully asked for a meeting, typed up a simple grievance letter, and rather effectively sort out a conflict resolution all on her own. Her coaches were dumbfounded that she had the courage and tools to communicate in the matter she did.

We believe that so much of her current success and her resiliency come from the tools she learned while at TCS. Thank you for instilling her love of learning and confidence in her abilities, it’s going to last her a lifetime! We always say TCS is our best investment in her education and as she gets older, we see it more and more.

– Parent of a Grade 8 Alumna