The Cooper School Daily

Amazing Africa!


This week, our Fourth Grade scholars leaped into a new social studies unit! Students have begun studying the 2nd largest continent, Africa, and its 54 countries. They labeled each country on a blank map with the assistance of a world atlas and color coded each country. They were fascinated by the length of the Nile River, the height of Mt. Kilimanjaro and the severe conditions of the Sahara Desert. Finally, students studied Biomes of Africa and of course, labeled each Biome from Africa’s deserts to its tropical rainforest. Please ask your child to identify a country in Africa.






What’s for Lunch?

Students were thinking about healthy eating habits, that fuel the brain. We had an interactive  group discussion about brainfood and how specific foods affect your mood and energy levels. Our nutritionists identified how their bodies feel when they eat too much, not enough or just the right amount. Our environmentally aware scholars have been actively composting in efforts to take care of their immediate surroundings. This conservation activity reminds students about reducing the impact of wasted food. Please ask your child about brainfood and how it is connected to a healthy growth mindset.




Finding Inspiration from a Mentor!

Fourth Graders designed a poem inspired by their favorite poet. Each student studied the poetry from a professional poet and drew inspiration from their special mentor. Our Fourth Grade poets were prompted to incorporate poetic elements into their pieces, which included metaphors, repetitive words and descriptive language. The process of creating a poem based on another persons poem, sparked a challenge in each student and they rose to the challenge. Please ask your child about the process of writing a poem and what motivates them to start a poem.



Important Dates:


  • Thursday, 4/18 SUP & Kayaking Trip
  • Friday, 4/19-Monday, 4/22 April Break-No School
  • Wednesday, 4/24 Poet Muse
  • Thursday, 4/25 SUP & Kayaking Trip
  • Thursday, 4/25 Spring Auction
  • Friday, 5/10 11:30 Dismissal
  • Friday, 5/10 Pass It On (5pm-6pm @ The Scottish Rite)