The Cooper School Daily

Amazing Art, A Fantastic Play, and Becoming Measurement Experts!

Art Walk

Kindergarteners were eager and proud to participate in the Art Walk. Students were thrilled to see and share art created by themselves and friends in their learning community. Their unique artist statements expressed how art makes them feel. Thank you parents and families for attending our Art Walk and supporting our creativity.

James and The Giant Peach  

Kindergarten students, teachers, and parent chaperones were thrilled to take a study trip to The Dock Street Theatre to see several of our drama coaches from Charleston Stage Company perform in “James and The Giant Peach”. Kindergarteners donned their “fancy”
dress uniforms to view real live actors and actresses at work in the theatre. Students delighted in seeing familiar faces on stage as well as seeing other Cooper School classes and parents, in the audience. The humorous spins that Charleston Stage was able to add truly made the play a special event!

Measurement Mania

Kindergarten mathematicians have been learning all about measurement this week. Kindergarteners developed their knowledge of measurement by using their feet to measure objects. Mathematicians recognized the need for standard measurement units by  discussing “How Big Is A Foot?” Kindergarteners worked with a math partner to measure various objects and to compare those measurements. Lastly, measurement enthusiasts were provided experiences with a variety of measurement tools. Ask your Kindergartener what they learned in measurement this week!  

Important Dates:

  • ·      Monday, January 30th 100th Day Projects Due
  • ·      Wednesday, February 1st 100th Day Celebration
  • ·      Tuesday, February 7th Parent Coffee 8-9
  • ·      Friday, February 10th Valentine’s Day Bake Sale 2:15-2:45
  • ·      Tuesday, February 14th Valentine’s Day Concert 1-3