The Cooper School Daily

Amazing Artists, Compliments Galore, and Fun with Fabrics

Art Walk

IMG_0936Kindergarteners were eager and proud to participate in their first TCS Art Walk. Students were overjoyed to see and share art created by themselves and friends in their learning community. Their unique artist statements expressed how art makes them feel. Thank you parents and families for attending our Art Walk and supporting our creativity!

Compliment Books

This week, kind kindergarteners were introduced to a TCS tradition. Every year for Valentine’s Day, TCS students write compliments to each friend in their class and then they are put together to create a beautiful loving book for them to keep forever. Kindergarteners learned what a compliment is and the difference between an okay one and a great one. Kindergarteners delighted in playing a compliment game in which they sat in a circle and gave compliments to the friend sitting in the middle. This activity included a lot of hugs and filled buckets!

Fun with Fabrics

Fabric enthusiasts were overjoyed to do fun experiments with fabrics this week. Kindergarteners worked in groups to find out what fabrics absorbed water and what fabrics were waterproof. Kindergarteners were surprised to watch how the fabrics absorbed the water and soaked the fabric through. Fabric enthusiasts used water and food coloring to dye a piece of fabric and recorded their designs.


Kindergarteners were delighted to see what their design looked like once they unfolded it. Kindergarteners were thrilled to practice their weaving skills with yellow yarn and learn to sew by making a pocket with special dog print felt.  Your child is looking forward to soiling nd washing fabrics, investigating stains and how they absorb into fabrics, and creating a design like a fashion designer and then using that design to sew their piece together.

Important Dates:

  • Monday, February 1st Study Trip to Charleston Museum and 100th day project due
  • Thursday, February 4th 100th day (Come to school dressed like you are 100 years old)
  • Friday, February 12th Valentine’s Day Concert and Bake Sale
  • February 15th and 16th No School
  • February 19th Biome Fashion Show