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Amazing First Grade Poets

Australian Animals

This week in First Grade, our worldly scholars added the finishing touches to their final drafts of their Australian animal research. Our students celebrated their knowledge of their animals by presenting their research to the class. We have learned so much together – from the average weight of a Kookaburra to the eating habits of a Wombat. Ask your expert today about their animal!


This week, our poets thought a lot about what inspires them. They even brought in items from home that may spark inspiration for others. Our Poetry Museum is wonderfully full of crystals, chimes, rings and homemade crafts our scholars feel proud of. We have a “Writer’s Window” installation to help spark inspiration as well. Our writers were encouraged to spend some time observing the backyard from our “writer’s window” and write poems about what they saw, heard or felt. We have been so impressed with our poets and how often they feel inspired! 


We have been continuing our discussion and practice of Independence. A couple weeks ago we brainstormed as a class ways we could be independent in our classroom. We have been very impressed with how our First Graders have practiced their independence throughout the classroom. This week, we brainstormed ways we could be independent at home or in our community. We feel proud of our independent students! 

Important Events

Spring Break – No School (March 28-April 1)

April Break- No School (April 15-18)

TCS Spring Auction & Gala – All Hands on Deck! (April 28 @ 7:00 pm-11:00 pm)