The Cooper School Daily

Amazing Poems!

Pass It On

We want to send shine to all of our amazing first grade poets. First graders have worked so hard writing and reading their poems they have picked out for Pass It On. Students practiced by reading their poems with the kindergarten and sending compliments to each other! We are so proud of them!


First grade reviewed 2D and 3D shapes this week with games and sorting. We introduced halves and quarters as we learned about equal parts. We folded paper into halves and fourths to help us understand and define what equal parts are. Students have become experts at learning what makes a whole and have successfully begun participating in origami because of it during centers. 

Author Study

Students continued to do research on their author. We used our resources to gather information on where their author was born, when they wrote their first book, and interesting facts about their author. First graders choose their favorite book by their author and share the five parts needed to create that story. As we continue our research we are so proud of each student for using their resources and staying focused during our project!

Important Dates:

May 24th – Teacher Work Day (No School)

May 27th – Memorial Day (No School)

May 30th – Half Day (11:30 Dismissal)

May 31st – Last Day of School (11:30 Dismissal)