The Cooper School Daily

Amazing Third Graders !!


Third Graders have been diving into poetry the past few weeks. Through listening, reading and writing, the children have really grasped a solid understanding of the art of poetry.Students continued writing their final drafts of their poems after brainstorming ideas. Each student is going to have two poems completed and typed in order to submit them for this year’s “Pass It On” book of poems. Students will present one poem to family and friends at this special event on May 12th. Students are very excited for their work to be published.


This week in math our scholars have been working on equivalent fractions. Our mathematicians have been learning to see that different fractions can be equivalent if they are the same size of the same whole. Third graders worked very hard this week by using shaded diagrams to help them generate equivalent fractions including fractions greater than 1. Ask your scholar to show you some examples of these fractions.


This week, Third Grade Scientists eagerly welcomed crayfish friends into our classroom. Students quickly got to work observing the unique appearance and behaviors of these gilled-friends! Science groups observed the structures of the crayfish and discussed how these special features help the crayfish survive in its environment. Through close observation, students are analyzing the details of crayfish life and behaviors while further developing sensitivity to the needs of living things. It has been so exciting to meet our crayfish friends! 

*We are currently running low on supplies for our class hamster, Boo. If you can, please send in materials for his cage with your students any day next week. Below are links to food and fluff on Amazon.

Important Dates:  

April 15th-18th – April Break (No School) 

April 28th- TCS Gala