The Cooper School Daily

Amazing Third Graders


Our Third Grade scholars are still becoming experts of graphs. This week we focused mainly on scaled picture graphs. Scholars were able to understand why a scaled picture graph was better to use when you have more information and numbers. Our students were even able to draw and label their very own scaled picture graphs with numbers ranging from 2 to 10!      


Third Grade spellers are mastering word patterns by cutting out their sort and sorting them by their specific spelling rule every day. This continued practice helps students to not just memorize the spelling words for the assessment on Friday, but to really learn the spelling rule to apply to their everyday writing. Spelling groups are differentiated for each child which ensures that each student receives the spelling rules that they need to work on most. Practicing at home also helps students to make these words a part of their everyday spelling.  


This week in science our scholars continued their water investigations.  Our Third Grade scientists attempted to build umbrellas that could protect four cotton balls from getting wet. Scholars used a sheet of paper, pipe cleaners, rubber bands and tape. Students worked hard and showed great collaboration through teamwork!      

Important Dates:   

  • September  5th- Labor Day ( No School)
  • September 14th – Elementary Curriculum Night (5:30 pm)