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American College of the Building Arts, Math, and Preparing to Publish

IMG_0774 Study Trip at the American College of the Building Arts

Building enthusiasts got a chance on Friday to visit the American College of the Building Arts. The main building was used as a jail and was built in 1802. Kindergarteners got to do a tour of the building which included learning about the history of the jail, what a jail cell looked like, and what it was made out of. Kindergarteners got to touch the building which is made out of stone and brick and learned how buildings were built long ago like castles so that they would appear strong. Kindergarteners observed students working with drills to sculpt stone and manipulating plaster to bring designs to walls and ceilings. Kindergartens learned that to make those amazing designs with plaster, the students used molds with detailed designs built in. Building enthusiasts were able to touch pieces of stone and learned that crushed oyster shells can be made into limestone. Kindergarteners even got to touch a
nd see what tools are used to mold and manipulate plaster and received a piece of molding to bring back to school. Ask your kindergartener about what they learned from our visit to the American College of the Building Arts.

Math Is All Around UsIMG_0770-7

During math this week, Kindergarteners explored comparing various objects by shape, size, length, and weight. Students were able to observe and use attributes to sort objects in various ways. Mathematicians were given yellow strips of paper that were different lengths and then practiced finding and recording objects that were shorter than and longer than their original strip. We introduced two new tools for measuring the weight of objects: a pan balance and a scale. Students learned to compare objects by weight and used the words “lighter” and “heavier” to compare these objects’ weights.


Mathematicians also began discussing estimation during math this week. We talked about estimation being a “smart guess”. We have estimated coins, candy, bears, chips, paper clips, and cubes. Kindergarteners really enjoy using their analytical skills to analyze how big or small the objects are and how it fills up the jar before making their guesses. Kindergarteners love guessing a number above or below their friends to find out whether their guess has been right. It has become a friendly competition among our class!

IMG_0764-2Preparing to Publish 

Brave writers have been quite busy preparing their best piece of writing for a very special audience! Students sorted through their writing folders to find their most interesting and detailed piece to take through the publishing process.

Writers met with their “Strawberries and Bananas” writing partners to share their best piece, and to give and receive feedback about how they could make their writing even stronger. Partners helped support each other in deciding what kind of details would strengthen and add to their stories.

We explored mentor texts and familiar books to see what real authors do to get their readers interested. Students discovered that writing an amazing story beginning that includes details including who, when, where, and what happened, leads to an interesting and catchy beginning to a story.

Important dates:

  • Tuesday, November 24th Harvest Feast and Concert 11:30 Dismissal
  • Wednesday-Friday November 25-27th Thanksgiving Break