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American Revolution!


After finishing our first investigation of magnetism, we moved on to an investigation of electricity.   First, students were asked to light a bulb using only a D-cell (battery), two wires and a light bulb.  After a little experimenting the whole class discovered how to make a circuit.  Next, students learned new scientific vocabulary words like component and energy source.


Revolution Reading

This week we continued our study of The Revolutionary War through nonfiction texts.  Students discovered that nonfiction texts are written in many different structures.  Some of the text structures that we discussed were descriptive, compare and contrast, and chronological.  Students learned how to, not only identify the different structures, but also how to organize their thoughts in graphic organizers. 



photo-dec-07-1-49-26-pmDuring centers this week, students have enjoyed exploring different aspects of our curriculum, including science and social studies. Our study of magnetism has led us to creating a “magnet museum”. Student have found and brought in a wide variety of tools and toys that utilize the magnetic force. During centers, students are able to explore these many hands on objects and solve how the magnets make them work.


Our Revolution center has been to study the idea of flags further. Students have read and studied some of the early flags from the American Revolution. They then read about the meaning behind the colors that are most commonly used in flags. In this center, students created their own flags and then wrote about what their flag represented. 

Pajama Drive

The Cooper School is participating with Pajama Program to donate new, unused pajamas to local 6-12 year old children in need of warm sleepwear during this holiday season! We are collecting pajama sets and nightgowns December 12-16. To find out more about about this incredible organization, please visit their website:

Important Dates:

  • Friday, December 16 – Pajama Day, 11:30 Dismissal
  • December 17 – January 3 – Winter Break, No School
  • January 10 – Rebels and Redcoats Field Trip
  • January 12 – Parent Forum, 5:45 – 6:45
  • January 16 – MLK Day, No School