The Cooper School Daily

And We’re Back!

Project Work
Students were hard at work this week planning and executing their independent weather projects. On Tuesday, students made a visual plan of how they wanted their poster or book or presentation or experiment or diorama to look. Armed with this plan, they were well-equipped to begin working on their own with a variety of materials to bring their vision to life. This is a long process that requires perseverance, responsibility, patience, focus, resilience, self-monitoring, and careful planning. In the end, students will find they learned more from this amazing process than they did about weather!

Before the month of April, many of us thought of fractions as being scary, big-kid work. Well, not anymore! After learning about halves, thirds, quarters and more before Spring Break, our young mathematicians were poised this week to learn all about dividing groups into equal shares. We practiced sharing groups of pennies, plastic counters, and even imaginary cookies, crackers, and pizzas. Fractions aren’t scary… it turns out that they’re really fun!

Throughout the year, First Graders practice the correct formation of all their letters and numbers. Slowly and carefully, they learn which letters “slide,”“kick out,”go “up like a helicopter,”and “bump the line.” This week we focused on several lowercase letters that were present in a lot of students’ first names! It is incredible how much care and attention these students give to everything that they do, from performing calculations in math to practicing the letter j!

Important Dates
•   Friday, April 28 – Swimming Lesson #2 (please send swim bag with students)
•   Tuesday, May 2 – Parent Coffee, TCS Backyard, 8:00am
•   Wednesday, May 3 – 1st Grade Field Trip to Storm Team 2!
•   Friday, May 5 – Grandparents Day, 9:00am-11:00am
•   Friday, May 5 – Pass It On, Charleston Museum, 5:00pm